All About Jazz - The Pat Bianchi Trio
Fiery displays, lyrical expressions, bluesy statements, punchy interludes, torrential downpours of notes, and space-conscious thoughts all come to the surface on this well-crafted trio date from rising star organist Pat Bianchi........  continue

Downbeat Magazine - The Pat Bianchi Trio
The Rochester native and organist in Pat Martino’s trio for the past four years brings a reverence for theold school, a masterful touch with grooving left-handed bass lines and a scorching right- hand technique to this set...... continue

Westword Magazine - The Pat Bianchi Trio
After graduating from the Berklee College of Music in the late ‘90s, Pat Bianchi moved to Denver and started a decade-long run playing organ and piano at local clubs like El Chapultepec and Herb’s..... continue

Audiophile Audition - The Pat Bianchi Trio
The time honored legacy of jazz is to look upon its heritage to build its future. The remarkable organist Pat Bianchi is totally dedicated to that tradition, and in full evidence....... continue

Jazzwise Magazine - Pat Bianchi w/The Pat Martino Trio
‘The Great Stream’ is the title of one of Pat Martino’s originals, first recorded on the album Live! back in 1972, yet even today this title is an excellent metaphor for the guitarist’s fearless and formidable playing. Performing for two nights in a row in an organ trio at Ronnie Scott’s Jazz Club, Soho earlier last week, Martino’s lines were densely rich in tone, the melodies fluid and winding.... continue